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e-Discovery Services – Electronic Data Discovery

When it comes to e-discovery services in Dallas and Ft. Worth, Victory Document Services is a consistent leader in the industry.

Electronic communication and electronic documents are increasingly becoming the primary resource which all businesses conduct daily communications. It is critical to your case to be able to identify and understand how this data is captured, stored and implemented.

Before you waste time and money to print, Bates Label, Scan or OCR your electronic documents and emails, let us process your electronic documents that are already digital. This saves you time and money!

Our Electronic Discovery software extracts all of the necessary data fast and efficiently, allowing easy importation and implementation of your digital evidence into litigation support databases such as Concordance, Summation and Ringtail.

Our eDiscovery Services in DFW include:

Electronic Data Discovery (EDD)
Digital Document Management
Metadata Extraction
Image Conversion
Load File Creation for Database Software
OCR – Optimal Character Recognition
PDF Conversion
Digital Blowbacks
Digital Color Printing
Data Mining
OCR – Optical Character Recognition
Digital Document Printing
eMail Discovery
PST File Processing
Electronic Evidence Discovery
Electronic Discovery Litigation
Electronic Data Discovery
e-Discovery Law Support
Database Design
Database Management
Online Repository – Data Storage
Forms Processing

Victory Documents provides the best solutions for all of your e-Discovery in Dallas and Fort Worth.

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