Digital Document Management

Digital Document Management

We provide all types of digital document services to businesses in Dallas and Fort Worth Texas. Whether you have black and white, color, banking documents, medical records, oversized and large format documents, oil well logs, architect drawings, construction plans or you have digital files you need converted to digital images, Victory Document Services has an easy, fast and cost efficient solution for you.

  • Document Imaging
  • Document Coding
  • Electronic Data Discovery (EDD)
  • Blowback Printing
  • Data Mining
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Digital Printing
  • Forms Processing
  • Oversize Scanning
  • Digital Color Copies
  • Audio-Video Conversion
  • CD Duplication / DVD Copy
  • Database Management and Design
  • Project Management
  • Repository – Data Warehouses

Document Scanning – Document Imaging

Our Document Scanning Services use only state of the art equipment and technology to scan your documents. We use a variety of imaging softwares to give you the highest quality digital product possible. We can provide your product in most file formats, and with load files for many document management softwares.

We also provide digital endorsement of images for easy indexing, and logical document determination (LDD), color document imaging, medical record imaging, corporate records imaging, litigation document imaging, invoice imaging, banking records imaging, corporate document imaging and much more.

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Document Coding

The process of a professional visually identifying data from documents and keying in the information to form the population of database fields to facilitate detailed searching and subsequent retrieval of relevant documents.

The data to be captured will vary according to specific client parameters but will most likely include bibliographic information (e.g. the document’s title, date, author, etc.) and in-text information (key words, names mentioned, or other information that requires complete reading or analysis of the text).

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Electronic Data Discovery (EDD)

EDD is the cutting edge for new solutions in litigation support. E-mails, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access files, Adobe PDF files, tiff images, and a variety of other file formats are being produced in discovery as relevant information to complex litigation cases.

Most firms are now familiar with the accumulation and production of such discovery, but many services are lagging behind in their support of this emerging field.

At Victory Document Services, we produce EDD documents in such a manner as to yield the best possible future result for our clients. We do not use one single canned software package. Rather, we tailor our support effort by using a variety of software to accurately and effectively capture even the most arcane file formats. It is in this process that we feel a distinct advantage can be gained in our consultative approach.

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Blowback Printing

Blowbacks are high volume digital reproductions of electronic documents and imaged information to paper media. Using a variety of printing solutions, we are able to rapidly and reliably print digital and imaged documents to our network of laser printers.

Once printed, documents can be assembled in a variety of finishing formats (Binders, Acco, Depo, GBC Bindings, Clipped and/or Stapled).

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Data Mining

For every repository and/or Data Warehouse that has coded information, the population or subsets of the population may be “mined” to produce sophisticated search results. These results can be accumulated in such a manner as to create intuitive insights into complex litigation.

Expert witness databases are a prime example of data mining techniques. Documents are rigorously searched using sophisticated litigation support software (Summation, Concordance, ect.) and the returned information is then further cataloged revealing powerful insights into the case.

The results may be used to depose witnesses or discredit experts upon cross-examination. This is a highly effective technique for fighting litigation cases.

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OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

OCR conversion is the process by which text from an image (a picture of a document) can be extracted, providing searchable ASCII text.

The OCR text of the complete document can then be searched for key words or phrases. OCR can be an effective supplement to an objectively coded database or as an alternative to key word or names mentioned coding.

We emphasize to our clients however, that OCR conversion is not 100% accurate and the conversion results are greatly determined by the type of documents and clarity of the characters on the original document. For instance, a 1st generation pleading printed on a laser printer will yield far greater OCR accuracy than a 4th generation photocopy of a multi-part form.

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Digital Printing

High speed digital printing of a single copy or multiple copies of a document that has been digitally created or converted to a digital format which is then archived in its digital form for future printing as needed.

On-Demand printing solutions can solve many printing needs especially those relating to complex mailing matrices (bankruptcy mailouts, advertising mailers, etc.).

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Forms Processing

Forms Processing is the automated electronic extraction of information/data from standardized forms. Victory Document Services can assist clients in developing questionnaires or surveys that can easily extract data for quantifying questions within a word environment.

Imagine a jury survey that can have complex statistics assembled quickly and easily to yield valuable insights into future litigated matters. Or, ask your clients how you’re doing for them. Important questions? You bet!

Forms processing encompasses these simple values:

  • Optical Mark Recognition and Image Character Recognition technologies are the basis for the delivery of forms processing solutions.
  • At base level Mark Recognition is the process of electronically determining responses that can be mapped to an informative element (responses could be comprised of alpha or numeric characters) to create information.
  • Image Character Recognition is the process of discerning handwritten characters and numbers.
  • Both processes use a digital voting system to determine those results.

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Oversize Scanning

Victory Document Services has the ability to produce large format originals in color or black and white and can handle either raster or vector processing needs.

We do blueprints, drawings, well logs, trial presentations, charts, constructions plans and much more.

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Digital Color Copies and Prints

We can print color documents through reprocessing color photos from CD-ROM, emails or stored in a variety of file formats. We handle all sizes of projects whether you need one color print or thousands.

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Audio-Video Conversion

Victory Document Services provides the service of converting audiotape or videotape to digital format.

Video depositions can be digitized and transferred to CDROM. This technology allows our clients to segment (extract) desired portions of video footage to be presented during trial without the complexity of the start and stop of standard VHS.

Furthermore, we are able to synchronize the court reporter’s transcript with the video allowing both to be presented simultaneously. This allows the litigation team to search for a word in a deposition video and for the video to cue up instantly on that word!

Spending countless hours with the remote control trying to find “that crucial part of the deposition” is now a thing of the past. Editing and segmenting of selected video footage is also provided.

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CD Duplication

More often these days the document exchange occurring during discovery is accomplished via CD-ROM. The cost of producing documents digitally is a fraction of what it would be via paper.

Victory Document Services copies all manner of CD-ROMs whether they contain data or video. Whether you’re making one copy of a CD or dozens, Victory will provide you with speed and accuracy.

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Database Management and Design

Deciding which fields of information should be captured from your documents is one of the most important aspects of the litigation cycle.

The document management professionals at Victory Document Services will talk with your team to determine what information must be captured in order to take your case from the discovery phase all the way to trial.

A well designed database can be the difference between “finding a needle in a haystack” or “looking for a needle in a stack of needles!”

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Project Management

Prior to starting a document management project, Victory Document Services develops a complete understanding of your needs.

Once the project requirements are defined, we are able to develop a plan and schedule to meet those requirements.

We will typically review the following elements of the project:

  • Case overview and timeline
  • Document processing schedule and deadlines
  • Volume of documents and frequency of deliverables
  • Database elements (fields) to be captured
  • Coding manual drafting
  • Technical requirements
  • Contract for services

Victory Document Services Project Managers are experienced professionals who will work closely with your staff to ensure a smooth production process and a quality work product.

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Repository / Data Storage Warehouse

Repositories and Data Warehouses are an archival technique designed for use by law firms and/or corporations for rapidly searching and retrieving documents.

They also are used to reduce storage costs and reduce the amount of physical space necessary to maintain documents. Images and/or databases are maintained on-line or in jukeboxes. With the cost of storage plummeting, cases can be maintained live without consuming every computing resource a firm has.

Find out more about Document Hosting Services

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